Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From the Delta

After two days of coming to some deeper understanding about what’s happening to the bayous and coastlines of the Mississippi River delta, it’s hard to imagine what the long term solution is going to be. Most folks seem to understand that if everything were left to its natural course there would be no New Orleans, no Grand Isle and the whole delta system would be very different than it is today. But we cannot turn back the clock and undo all of the human efforts that brought us to this place. 

The Mississippi River floodplain was always a dangerous place to live from the earliest indigenous residents to those who live there now. I think there are going to be tough choices ahead for many of the people who call this place home. But I think it is more important for everyone else to understand that this is not just a Louisiana problem. What’s happening here and the choices made will have an effect on all of us. I’m really happy to be here working with a crew that will be part of the solution.

And if you’ve not been to Louisiana you are missing some of the most most beautiful and unique country in the U.S. As well as some of the most generous and lovely people!

Dr. Dawn Marsh
Department of History

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